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Exlo is a strategic design firm specialising in product design, user interfaces, brand development, visual identity design, web design, and experience design.
Helping brands build meaningful and durable connections with their customers.
A fluid design company of one principal, purpose-built to mesh into the context of a cultural and technological Renaissance. We engineer brands with impact and durability, design websites that impress visually and deliver tangible business outcomes, take direct-to-consumer e-commerce start-ups from Zero to One, and solve root-level brand problems for established businesses.

          At Exlo, we believe that by designing better brands, products, and services, companies drive growth, durable profitability, and forward progress. We are a team of multidisciplinary designers, strategists, product-led growth consultants, and brand experts. We partner with early-stage venture funded teams, and established brands who need to refresh their identity or rethink their product strategy. Working in-house or as an external design partner. Always striving for a balance of strategy, substance, and style.
① Research & Conceptualisation
The critical first step is deep immersion in your business, to understand your market, customers, and competitive landscape. I’ll take the time to discover what drives your audiences needs, perceptions and behaviours - surfacing key insights on how to drive your brand and company forward.
② Strategy
We combine non-consensus insights with sharp strategic thinking to solve complex business problems. Looking beyond symptoms to diagnose the root-level problem your company is facing. By zooming out and seeing your position from a fresh perspective, we can reframe it and present a creative solution that achieves your goals. Every project is approached with rigorous thinking, a strategic mindset, and attention to detail.
③ Execution
Our work is process constrained and laser-focused. Tools and frameworks honed over years of craft and practice. This includes an approach to creative problem solving, divergence and convergence, synthesis of information, design principles, and design output.

Design is not what we make. Design is what we make possible.
④ Ongoing Partnership
I prefer to establish relationships for the long term. Get access to a designer's creativity, experience and expertise via unlimited design consultations & creative direction. From business strategy, design feedback, product strategy and planning, all the way down to design execution.

Advisory and execution. One flat monthly fee or a venture studio model. Async over Slack or face-to-face via Zoom. Book a call.