Learn In Thirty

High impact, bite-sized visual learning.

Learn In Thirty is an online learning platform with visual educational content in the form of slides of images. The platform can be used as a study tool, for teaching, or for self-improvement. Learn In Thirty (LIT) has a powerful vision of playing a part in building a brighter future by expanding peoples minds. They aim to deliver high-impact short doses of learning, so anyone can better themselves and create a better tomorrow. Democratising access to education is an ambitious goal which we wholeheartedly endorse.

After working closely with LIT to develop their online platform, we revisited both branding and digital. Eventually landing on a concept with characteristics that come cohesively together into an identity that is punchy and confident, very distinct, and brimming with youthful optimism.


2020 - Present


Learn In Thirty


Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Website Design, Website Development, Print & Collateral


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