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Brand Development Sprint
Investment: $10,000
In a Brand Development Sprint, I’ll take you through a signature process, starting with immersion and research into your business and category, leading to a series of strategy workshops, the conceptualisation of your new brand, and then the creative execution to bring it to life.

Whether you’re an existing brand seeking a refresh, or a venture-backed start-up who needs to nurture your brand from the ground up, I’ll build you a brand that’s memorable and delivers tangible and enduring business value.
① Strategy Workshops
② Research & Insight
③ Brand Strategy
④ Visual Identity Design
⑤ Brand Collateral Design
⑥ Website Design + Dev
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Brand Strategy Workshops
Investment: $3,000 - $7,200
Brand Strategy Workshops are designed to take you through a series of thought provoking, facilitated exercises, that will lead you to think more deeply about the fundamentals of your brand, and the essence of why you exist. Strategy only. Execute in-house, with someone else, or I can also design the brand identity for you.
① Strategy Workshops
② Research & Insight
③ Brand Strategy
④ Strategy Outputs Deck
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UI/UX Sprints
Investment: Starting at $6,000/week
High-velocity, high output design sprints focusing on user experience, the user interface, or a combination of both. A fluid, iterative approach to generate impactful visual design that can be shipped to your engineering team within weeks.

Starting with a 30,000 foot view of your business strategy and how the product fits your market, we'll drill into deeply understanding use cases and user psychology, then design pixel-perfect screens and a design system that brings it all together into a cohesive, evocative experience.
① Research & Insight
② User Interviews
③ Conceptualisation
④ Prototypes
⑤ UI/UX Design
⑥ Design System
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E-Commerce Accelerator: UI/UX/CX, Design + Dev
Starting at $15,000 (or Cost + Sweat Equity)
You have a vision. And you’re purpose-driven. You really care about the product you’re creating. You want to make the world a better place.

You’ve spent months refining your idea. Calling suppliers. Getting rejected by investors. Going back to the drawing board with yet another pitch deck... And finally getting your first yes. And your first check. Family and friends pile in another $50K. You feel fucking amazing. Now all you have to do is finalise the product designs, nail down a manufacturer, decide on a go-to-market strategy and figure out how to market and sell the product with sustainable growth and gross margins—sounds simple. Right?

Oh. But you also have to build a brand (for the long-term—you ain’t running away from your creation after blood, sweat, and tears), and build a seamless e-commerce store with a phenomenal customer experience, with all the functionality you need to ship product and delight customers.

Feeling a little less confident yet? I get you. And I can help you.
① Strategy Workshop
② Research & Insight
③ DTC Tools Consult
④ Wireframes
⑤ High-fidelity Prototypes
⑥ UI/UX Design
⑦ Customer Experience Design
⑧ Website Design + Dev
⑨ GTM Strategy
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