I'm an independent designer, advisor, and brand consultant living in London, UK, specialising in brand development, product design, user interfaces, visual identity design, web design, and experience design.

I help brands and companies dream of and build a better future.

Currently focused on work with early-stage, venture funded, pre-revenue DTC and SaaS start-ups.
Exlo was founded in 2017 on the notion that by being intentionally small (I’m a team of one), I can be fluid, flexible, and scale on demand. It gives me the optionality to take on deep engagements with select partners, where I may work across strategy, design execution, growth, product management, and operations. Collaboration is an organising principle. I work with a global network of independent collaborators to bring ideas to life. Hence the “we” references.

          My work is defined by a bold conceptual simplicity, emphatic typography, and a clear nod to the utilitarian, minimal Swiss style of design. I integrate this modernist perspective with the latest technology, specifically focused on human-centred design and the functionality of a digital experience.
          I selectively engage with motion in designs, where it is not superfluous and adds a certain tactility and texture to something static and pixel produced. This can elicit emotion, and is critical in product design to telegraph feedback to users and architect a pleasurable experience. However, for most commercial website projects it is beyond the scope. I design first and foremost to help my clients achieve business goals, not to win awards with unusable art.

My philosophy is centred around creating artefacts of visceral beauty that also drive tangible business outcomes. Credibility starts with aesthetics. Brand equity is driven by an aspirational and emotional connection, which is influenced by the way a brand looks, speaks, and engages with its audience. So a balance of form and function in both digital and identity design is essential to thrive in the fast-paced cultural milieu of the 21st century.
I imagine a future where a world of beautifully designed products, brands, and experiences permeate and elevate the lives of every human - and by designing better products and services companies drive growth, durable profitability, and forward progress.

We are in a Golden Age of design and technology. A modern day Renaissance. There has been a Cambrian Explosion of brands and companies in the last 10 years with thoughtfully designed products and customer experiences. The opportunities and challenges this presents are extraordinary, and I hope to shift the needle for companies in the arena, fighting to build enduring companies and brands that will stand the test of time.

Together, we can build a better tomorrow.