Thomson Tech

Hard Rock Drilling Specialists.

Thomson Tech is the only drilling consumables company focused exclusively on hard rock drilling. On a mission to bring integrity back to the industry after 30 years experience. The eponymous Darren Thomson is the inventor of several innovative, newly patented drilling technologies, spanning from the flagship TT Turbulence® Bit range to a range of drilling fluids and accompanying products.

Together with Adrian Stewart and Steph Srour, we defined and expressed Thomson Tech's new brand identity, messaging, and digital presence. The resulting website, the primary brand execution, is stark and bold—encapsulating the hard-hitting, no BS philosophy of the companies founder. It sets a new benchmark for a traditionally stale category.


2021 - Present


Thomson Tech


UI Design, Website Design, Website Development, Print & Collateral

Brand Messaging

Scale Messaging

Identity Design

Steph Srour


Anton by Vernon Adams
Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky